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As an employer, you want your vacancy to get noticed, and you want results. But where lie your best chances of success? How do you reach the right target group? And how much will it cost? We know the options better than any other. Thanks to 15 years of knowledge and experience with countless campaigns, we know what works and where the potential pitfalls lie. This combined with data and innovative tools, offers you the best bang for your buck for your vacancy. We know how to find, reach and prompt candidates to apply!

We use smart tools to increase the online visibility of your vacancy. We combine recruitment and marketing to reach both active and latent job seekers, helping you find the right candidate!

Are you structurally in search of a single target group? Target group marketing will give you brand awareness among candidates who fit the desired profile. We stay focused on responses from quality applicants.

Convey the unique character of your organisation to strengthen your employer brand and attract more and better candidates. Because candidates don’t only look for new jobs; they want an employer that’s the right fit, too!


Want quicker candidate assessments and less time spent on administrative tasks? Get a tighter grip on your recruitment process with HROffice Recruitment and directly improve candidate experience.

We take your online recruitment campaign from A to Z out of your hands
Recruitment reports dashboard for insight into your recruitment campaign

Performance in sight

We draw on our experience with and data from thousands of recruitment campaigns to give you the perfect media advice for your vacancy. We subsequently measure all online recruitment activities in detail so as to optimise every last bit of your campaign. Whatever it takes to achieve the best outcome!

If you use our recruitment system, HROffice Recruitment, then we’ll link this data in, so that you not only gain insight into the number of applicants, but also the number of hires per channel.

Use our recruitment reporting to measure the Return On Investment (ROI) from your campaign and manage cost-per-hire even more closely.

“For the fulfillment of our vacancies we always want to recruit the best candidates. Adver-Online has proven her value several times by providing us expert and concrete recruitment advice that eventually led to the best candidate! The fast negotiations, finetuning and good support in the recruitment process make Adver Online an ideal partner for our vacancies!”

Ineke Rietberg
P&O, Biohorma

“With a limited number of vacancies arising each year and with the numerous possibilities afforded by social media, being a small organisation, it is and has been impossible for us to know everything there is to know about everything. There are specialist websites for every role, and the costs can really mount up if you’re wanting to use multiple websites. During a search for the right websites, I happened to be approached by Adver-Online. To begin with, we set up a pilot project; the impact on registrations from applicants was immediately visible. Adver-Online buys in bulk, which gives them wide reach for relatively little investment. In addition, they know which websites work best for certain roles. I’ve been enthusiastic about their experience and support right from the start. In addition to the rise in the number of applicants, the collaboration also saves on advertising costs. Plus, they work very fast and are very professional.”

Nancy van Abswoude
Corporate Recruiter Krauthammer

“Our experience with Adver-Online has been great! They respond fast and are quick to take action, as well as offering excellent advice. Thanks to their insight and the extensive possibilities they offer, we get good and qualified responses. It’s a pleasure to work with Adver-Online.”

Moniek Morsink
Corporate Recruiter St. Antonius Ziekenhuis


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