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Personal. With a critical eye and a pleasant, no-nonsense culture.

We started out posting vacancies on job boards in 2002. Has since evolved into a leading HR media agency and provider of various HR & Recruitment software solutions. 

After a few years of successful multi-posting (posting job ads on multiple job boards), there was a demand for structure around the processing of submitted resumés. In response to this demand, in 2009 Adver-Online launched HROffice Recruitment – a system that offers a tighter rein on the recruitment process. But HR is more than recruitment alone. The HROffice brand became the company’s software development branch.

We keep a constant eye on trends and developments to ensure we offer HR professionals, managers and recruiters the very best solutions.

With the addition of staff scheduling application, HROffice Workforce management to the portfolio in 2015. In 2016, Recruitment and HR were combined with the launch of HR Appstore – a HR platform that brings together products and services from various providers. Ambition, innovation and partnership are core values of ours.

Our consultants, back office staff and campaign managers possess an invaluable amount of knowledge and experience, and are 100% focused on successful recruitment campaigns.
Geïntegreerde recruitment marketing campaigns


Gone are the days when candidates could be reached via a single channel. Which is why we look beyond: to your employer brand, target group and message. This automatically creates an integrated approach. Our combined expertise give us everything we need to find a good balance and to deliver on it.

Independent media advise by working with innovative partners


There are endless solutions available on the market. Our outstanding network and extensive media portfolio put us in the position to offer the best solution, every time. We bring parties together to form optimum recruitment marketing campaigns. We assure you of the best independent advice.

An effective, original and personal recruitment campaign


Our people are creative, flexible and experienced. We use these traits to transform your recruitment needs into an effective, innovative and personal campaign. We take advantage of opportunities on all forms of media and in doing so, reach potential candidates wherever they are.

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Along with a team working on the growth of Adver-Online? We are an organisation where entrepreneurship is ‘top of mind’; giving your opinion, switch quickly between tasks and activate your own actions. We see opportunities and go for it! And not insignificant … fun is essential!

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