Reach talent on the most popular search engine with a Google AdWords recruitment campaign

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Google is by far the most used search engine in the Netherlands. This advertising platform therefore also represents the perfect solution for reaching potential candidates during the initial stage in their job search, and to convince them to apply.

Do you have a vacancy with a short lead-time? Take advantage of Search Engine Advertising (SEA) to reach your desired target group. In contrast to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), with SEA, there is no need to wait for Google indexing, and your job ad is guaranteed to feature among the top results. In advertising on relevant search terms, you are seldom paying for visitors you aren’t looking to target.

What is a AdWords recruitment campaign and how does it work?

There are two types of search results on Google: organic and paid-for. Organic search results are listed based on their relevance, and paid-for results are displayed above and to the right of the organic results. AdWords is the name of Google’s advertising service that makes it possible to appear in and among these paid-for search results. AdWords uses a CPC model, meaning that you pay per click. You can set a maximum price per click and a daily budget, which makes your budget extremely manageable. AdWords operates along the following principle: the higher the bid, the quality score and the budget, the higher up and the more frequently the ad is displayed.

Avoid unnecessary costs with AdWords recruitment

We implement A/B testing to ensure that your job advertisement delivers optimally. This involves automated testing of different variations of the advertisement so as to increase conversions. AdWords doesn’t set any prices or durations upfront. This means that you can adjust or stop your budget at any given moment if you find a candidate. As such, your budget never goes to waste.

Displaying a job ad on specific Google search terms

An effective Google – search engine – recruitment campaign begins with a well thought-out strategy. This strategy goes beyond good advertising copy. Research into relevant search terms is also worthwhile, as these will influence both the budget and the campaign’s success. You can focus on search terms that are used by job seekers, such as job titles, for example, but industry terms are also valuable where latent candidates are concerned. Changes can be made in order to keep your campaign continually optimised: search terms can be added or removed throughout the campaign. This offers you the best results at the lowest possible cost at all times.

AdWords recruitment campaigns for better quality visitors

Linking relevant search words to your job ad will attract certain visitors to your vacancy. It is important that your vacancy page is recognisable, contains adequate information and a clear call-to-action; a visitor who is triggered by your ad to take a look at your vacancy page will expect to find the relevant information on there, and be able to act immediately off the back of it. After all, that’s the reason behind the advertisement.

An AdWords recruitment campaign by Adver-Online


Arrange, set-up, manage and optimise: we take it all off your hands.


A continually optimised campaign for the best (measurable) result.


Excellent advise on clear and compelling advertising copy.


Combined with a highly effective landing page of high value.


Reach your target group at the first stage in their search.


Your vacancy visible on a mobile phone, tablet and desktop.


Closely identify your target group based on location, demographic characteristics and interests.


Retargeting based on historical location data, regardless of the new location of the user.

Wondering what Adwords recruitment can do for your vacancy?

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