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What is an assessment?

An online assessment provides you with a complete overview of a candidate's personality, ability, preferences, motivation and skills. Assessments consist of a number of questionnaires that candidates are asked to complete. It's up to the candidate when and where they sit the assessment. You can select which assessment the candidate should take, and set a deadline for its completion. Once the questionnaires have been submitted, both you and the candidate receive a detailed report of the assessment results. Finding the most suitable employee has never been so easy!

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Why use assessments?

Identifying the right candidate can be a real challenge. Often, there will be multiple potential candidates for a role, leaving you a mountain of cover letters to get through. A great way of separating the wheat from the chaff right away is by having candidates sit an assessment. This gives you an instant overview of the most apt candidates for the role and for the company, rendering the entire application process much more time- and cost-effective. E-assessments soon tell you - and the candidate - whether they are a good fit for the company.

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What is an online assessment?

The personality test highlights the personality traits of the candidate. The candidate is asked to indicate to what extent certain behavioural tendencies apply to them. This gives you a fuller impression of how the candidate's personality would fit in with your company culture.

The behaviour test tells you how the candidate likes to act in a work environment and what his or her preferences are in this respect. The test essentially translates the candidate's personality into workplace behaviours. An employee's behaviour is in fact a key indicator of his or her future performance. The candidate is presented with a number of statements on how they would respond in a given situation.

The competency test offers insight into the professional and intellectual abilities of the candidate. The test consists of a numerical reasoning and a verbal reasoning element that test analytical and logical reasoning. Your candidate's test results are compared against a norm group to allow for the scores to be properly interpreted.

Detailed candidate match report

Predictive profiling is used to calculate a match score for the candidate. Once the candidate has sat the assessment, the report containing the test results and a commentary can be found in the widget, where you will find out instantly whether or not the candidate will progress in the race to become a new employee.

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