Improve quality-of-hire by adding assessments to the application process

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A good job interview is no guarantee of the most suitable candidate. Build in an extra layer of quality control with an assessment to increase the chances of a match.

An assessment is a test that gives insight into the skills, motivation and personality of a candidate. The candidate answers a number of questions as part of the application process.

Connect, select & match with HRM Mobility

Adver-Online, in partnership with HRM Mobility, takes connection, selection and matching off your hands. HRM Mobility is a consultancy firm offering advice on the mobility, supervision and matching of employees. They map out staff potential and offer solutions that are perfectly aligned with all your staff influx, outflow and progression needs.

Recruitment assessments by Adver-Online


Quality assessment solutions


Registered NIP (Dutch Institute of Psychologists) psychologist


Very competitive fixed fee

Wondering what assessments can do for your recruitment process?

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