Tarnished employer brand MS Mode re-positioned with creative recruitment campaign

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MS Mode is a fashion retailer with 400 stores spread throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France and Spain. Each country has its own webshop and there are over 2,500 staff. But on 11th August 2016, its worst nightmare came true, as MS Mode the Netherlands was declared bankrupt.

Situation outline

The doors to 130 branches remained closed. The webshop was static and 660 staff were left standing on the streets. But 8th September 2016 there is good news; MS Mode is making a new start. Staff are needed to get the shops operational again. Lots of staff. How do you go about getting a group of this size together in a short space of time, for a business that’s had some recent bad press? MS Mode called on Adver-Online to help set a strategic plan in motion for this complex recruitment piece.


Adver-Online was tasked with quantitatively and qualitatively filling the vacancies of Curvy Fit shop manager and advisor. In order for this to happen, the MS Mode employer brand needed a revival, instilling trust in candidates once again. To show that MS Mode had undergone a healthy new start, new and fresh visuals were created for a landing page and adverts. Next, social media was used to make candidates aware of the vacancies. Programmatic job advertising tells you who your target group is, what they like and where to find them. This allows for very narrow targeting that also moves both active and latent job seekers. If a candidate has shown an interest, retargeting provides that extra bit of encouragement. The effect will differ for each individual, which is why each specific segment is shown a different message.

“Who doesn’t want the right people in the right roles? After all, people who are suited to their role perform better, enjoy their job more and more productive.”

Elisa de Boer

Talent Acquisition Specialist, MS Mode

Having experienced a significant departure of staff following bankruptcy, MS Mode opted for an entirely new personnel file for the new start. Still, quantity wasn’t the only objective behind the recruitment process; quality was also a requisite: no mean feat in an era when businesses with a positive image get twice the number of applicants than those with a negative one. And alas, MS Mode’s bankruptcy had left a bitter taste behind on the job market.

The strategic recruitment campaign ensured that MS Mode was once again perceived as an interesting employer. Everything in the campaign needed to be right; the message, the moment, the medium. The new, fresh imagery gave the impression that MS Mode was once again a healthy business, and compelling copy conveyed the brand’s fun, friendly side. Combined with the right reach, all this led to the recruitment of many new, enthusiastic and, most importantly, good MS Mode staff.

“There is no single MS Mode employee ‘mould’. In the same way that all our customers are unique. Which is why we seek out people who offer new perspectives and energy. We look for staff who are entrepreneurial, full of passion, commercial and hungry to learn. These people are the future MS Mode-ers.”

Elisa de Boer

Talent Acquisition Specialist, MS Mode

914 candidates completed the MS Mode talent pitch. At the time of writing, there have been 365 hires since 10th December. And MS Mode is still looking: another 146 new colleagues to go. If these results are anything to go by, it won’t take long, either!

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