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What is display recruitment?

Display recruitment involves publishing your vacancies in the form of an advertisement on external websites. These sites are Google partner websites, such as YouTube, Nu.nl and Buienradar (part of the Google Display Network) alongside many other websites, videos, blogs and apps worldwide. Display recruitment is the ideal way to reach the right target group. Your banner ad will be displayed on websites that are regularly visited by your ideal candidates!

Wat is display recruitment

What does a website banner consist of?

A good banner is both visually appealing and informative. Both the copy and images in a banner are key to creating a distinctive, persuasive and informative banner advertisement. Banners can be static or contain animation. Animated banners not only catch the eye more readily, but also afford the possibility of including more information in the banner itself.

A successful banner:

How does display recruitment work?

Display recruitment

Specific to your target group

Display marketing allows you to reach a specific target group. Adver-Online will in fact post your display banner on websites that are frequently visited by your specific target group. When choosing the websites, we take into account various factors that characterise your target group. Such as location, demographics, behaviour and interests. Your banner ad will display the right message at the right time in the right place to those who share the characteristics of your ideal candidate. Plus, given that you will only be advertising on websites that are relevant, you'll also be saving on costs!

Bijpassende landingspagina

Redirection post-click

It is hugely important that the banner advertisement draws potential candidates' attention and encourages them to click on the job ad. Which is why we take the greatest of care and attention when creating clear banners with a compelling call-to-action. Upon clicking on the ad, visitors are directed to a dedicated company landing page. We design the landing page to contain all the information your ideal candidate is looking for. The chances of an ensuing application are high!

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Display recruitment

Calculate your way to success

Naturally, we want to make sure that your display recruitment campaign is a success. That's why we use A/B testing to trial different variations of your banner advertisement and analyse the results. In doing so, we are aiming to achieve the greatest possible conversion for you. It goes without saying that we also monitor the progress of the banner campaign, adjusting it for you where desirable.

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Retargeting met Display Recruitment

Continued exposure

It is unlikely that all candidates who come across your career site via the banner will convert by directly applying for a job or by other means. But that's OK: we can approach them again with retargeting! Visitors who have clicked on your banner ad previously are exposed to your job ad again on other websites at a later point in time. This gives them a final push in the right direction. I.e. to apply for a job with you!

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Display recruitment by Adver-Online

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