Reach talent on 90% of websites with a display advertising campaign

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Strengthen your employer brand with a display recruitment campaign and reach both active and latent job seekers. Your vacancy will be displayed on the internet as an online banner. This form of online advertising is also known as display advertising in the world of online marketing.

A display recruitment campaign reaches the right target group, at the right time and with the right message. By integrating the different stages of the customer journey into the display recruitment strategy, the advertisements satisfy the target group’s information requirements. What’s more, banners have significant impact and allow for targeted reach, 24/7.

What is a display recruitment campaign and how does it work?

The Google Display Network is key in a display recruitment campaign. This network consists of countless Google partner websites, such as YouTube, and Buienradar in the Netherlands, but also a raft of other websites, videos, blogs and apps worldwide. Banner ads on these websites can be targeted towards a specific location and target group. Because you can choose to include only websites that are relevant to your recruitment campaign, you can increase your employer brand recognition among potential candidates within a short space of time and at relatively low cost.

From display recruitment strategy to effective display advertisements

Both imagery and messaging play an important role in the use of banner ads. A banner needs to stand out, be informative and, what’s more, avoid annoying! Animated banners are also a possibility. The use of animation allows for multiple messages to be incorporated into a single banner, providing your target group with more information.

A successful banner:

  • is relevant to your target group;
  • gives a short, clear message about the vacancy;
  • gives a clear call-to-action;
  • is congruent with the landing page to which the ad is linked;
  • meets the technical specifications.

If desirable, we can create your banners for you. We implement A/B testing to ensure that your job advertisement delivers optimally. This involves the automated testing of different variations of the advertisement so as to increase conversion and ensure that your budget is always being maximised.

Reach quality candidates with targeting and retargeting your display ad

A banner ad reaches your desired target group at the exploration stage of their job search. You can then subsequently specifically target the target group based on location, demographic characteristics, behaviour and interests, among other things. Those who are interested will reach the vacancy page through clicking on the banner. This gives them the opportunity to apply there and then or to save the page for later. So as to remain front-of-mind with this group, a follow-up retargeting campaign can be launched. Retargeting is an advertising approach that reminds visitors that they have already visited the job page before. These visitors will then be shown the job ad on other websites, for that extra bit of encouragement to apply.

Boost conversion with display advertisements

Banner ads can help reach a target group that has not yet visited your website, but that is still very much of interest to you. Alternatively, banner ads can be used to reach existing visitors who have shown an interest but who have not yet been converted. In this instance, it is important that your vacancy page is recognisable, contains adequate information and a clear call-to-action; a visitor who is triggered by your ad to take a look at your vacancy page will expect to find the relevant information on there, and be able to act immediately off the back of it. After all, that’s the reason behind the advertisement.

What to consider for a display recruitment strategy?

Adver-Online has a wealth of experience with display recruitment campaigns. We’d be happy to advise you on how display advertising can contribute to your recruitment goals. We use bidding, search terms, advertising copy and imagery to make sure your recruitment budget is maximised.

A display recruitment campaign by Adver-Online


Your target group closely identified based on location, demographic characteristics and interests.


Retargeting based on historical location data, regardless of the new location of the user.


Arrange, set-up, manage and optimalisation: we take it all off your hands.


Text, images and call-to-actio; all consistently aligned to the target group.


Access to the Google Display Network with over 2 million websites, videos, blogs and apps worldwide.


A continually optimised campaign for the best (measurable) result.


An effective media spend and optimum bids per device for greater ROI.


A boost to your employer brand through use of static or animated display advertisements.

Wondering what display recruitment can do for your vacancy?

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