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Make the most of your company image with employer branding

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Show them you're the best employer

Recruitment is a two-way street: whilst employers seek befitting candidates, candidates seek a company befitting of them, too. Take advantage of employer branding to make a difference as an organisation.

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Attracting top talent made easy

Finding top talent can be a challenge. Luckily, Adver-Online can ease the burden by strengthening your employer brand. Not only will this give you a competitive edge, it will also make it easier for talent to find you.

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Time saving versus time shortage

Waste no time in interviews with candidates who have got the wrong impression of your firm. Effective employer branding will attract the most competent applicants and deliver you the best recruits.

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How can employer branding benefit you?

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Introduce yourself!

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With a career site

The ideal way to demonstrate the strength of your business is with a career site created by Adver-Online. An attractive and innovative careers page will get you instantly noticed by applicants. The page can be tailored entirely to your preferences and will give your company image a huge boost.
We have a proven track record. We've developed successful employer branding strategies for clients such as MS-mode, whose strategy included a refreshing careers page. View the case study here.

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What employer branding can do for you

What is employer branding

Put your company on the map

Employer branding will put your business on the map with an impactful, stand-out and appealing company image. Watch the quality of your applicants soar as a result. Adver-Online can support you in devising innovative employer branding strategies. An effective employer branding strategy will attract the candidates you're seeking. What's more, it will help you retain the colleagues currently in your team. A win-win situation!

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Strengthen your company image

How do you get your company noticed? How can you differentiate yourself from the competition? Why should top talent choose to work for you over anyone else? These are tricky questions to address, though important nonetheless. A sound employer branding strategy can answer these questions. What matters, is that you distinguish yourself from the competition. The quest for talent is fiercely competitive in any sector. Adver-Online can help you succeed by building a clear, compelling and appealing employer brand. By continuously testing and analysing your company's performance, we can tailor-make the ideal employer branding strategy for you.

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Employer branding strategy
Why employer branding

Get noticed by your target audience

Is your current response rate to job ads low? Do you have difficulty finding suitable candidates for your vacancies? If so, employer branding offers a solution. A good branding strategy will put your company firmly on the map. Brand recognition and online findability are key components. Employer branding will get you noticed by the target audience you are wanting to reach, and solicit greater numbers of applications.

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The right person in the right role. Isn't that what everyone dreams of? Those who are happy in their jobs perform better, enjoy their work more and are more productive.ELISA DE BOER, TALENT ACQUISITION SPECIALIST MS MODE

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