Employer branding for optimal positioning in the job market

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Convey your organisation’s unique character to strengthen your employer brand and attract more applicants. Because candidates don’t only look for new jobs; they want an employer that’s the right fit, too!

Structural building a strong employer brand is crucial. Not only with a view to attracting new talent, but also for retaining existing employees. But how do you take your employer brand to the next level? Adver-Online has the solution in setting up and optimising an innovative and strategic employer branding campaign!

Stuur uw bedrijfsimago tot een geweldige plek om te werken met employer branding.

What is employer branding?

Employer branding reflects a company’s reputation as an employer. Its purpose is to draw talent to the company, create engagement among existing employees and depict the firm as an attractive employer. The most obvious reason for undertaking an employer branding campaign is if you aren’t receiving enough (quality) applicants for your job vacancies. But this type of campaign can also help raise your brand recognition, increase visibility or bring about a change in image.

Increased pulling power

If you are considered an attractive employer, then potential employees will want to come and work for you, and satisfied employees will act as brand ambassadors.

Absolute match

Good employer branding gives candidates clarity on how your organisation is structured. They can use this insight to decide whether or not their personality is a good fit, and the chances of a mis-match are reduced as a consequence.

Lower cost-per-hire

As candidates actively search for your organisation and any open job vacancies you might have, the responses you will get will not only be greater in volume, but also of higher quality. This way, you save yourself effort and money attracting the right talent!

Practise what you preach

An employer branding strategy begins with identifying the qualities that set you apart from other companies. These needn’t necessarily be sensational projects, innovative products or perks of the job. Company culture and atmosphere are important aspects here. The main thing is that you are truthful. Untruths will trip you up eventually, when it transpires that your new recruit isn’t such a great fit for your organisation after all, which ultimately results in high staff turnover and additional costs.

Employer branding campaigns in practice: MS Mode case study

Employer branding campagne voor MS Mode

A strategic employer branding campaign is what got MS Mode recognised as an attractive employer again. Everything in the campaign needed to be right; the message, the moment, the medium. The new, fresh imagery gave the impression that MS Mode was once again a healthy business, and compelling copy conveyed the brand’s fun, friendly side. Combined with the right reach, all this led to the recruitment of many new, enthusiastic and, most importantly, good MS Mode staff.

Employer branding by Adver-Online


Come in top of potential candidates’ wish lists.


Results-oriented: better quality-of-hire and lower cost-per-hire.


Optimal employee engagement for minimal turnover of staff.


Strong positioning and brand recognition on the job market.

Wondering what employer branding can do for your company?

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