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Instant exposure to the right candidates with Google recruitment.

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What is Google Recruitment?

Reach the right candidates from the off with a Google AdWords recruitment campaign. Most candidates begin the search for their dream job on search engines such as Google. Google is the most used search engine in the Netherlands. If you advertise effectively on this search engine, your job vacancy will be visible to all the best candidates!

Google recruitment campaign

How does a Google Recruitment Campaign work?

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Your job ad top of the bill

Google AdWords is Google's advertising service. It allows you to place advertisements on the search engine's page. Google distinguishes between two types of search results: paid results and organic results. Paid results are displayed in the top right-hand corner of the page. Organic results are displayed below, and are ranked on their relevance to the search term entered in the search field. The idea is to get your job ad displayed at the top of the list of results. A Google Recruitment campaign by Adver-Online can make that happen!

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SEA recruitment

SEA for the best terms

We make use of Search Engine Advertising for Google recruitment campaigns. Indeed, Google advertising entails more than simply writing a clear and engaging ad; it is just as important that the ad matches the potential search terms your future colleagues will be entering during their hunt for a new job. We facilitate this by researching the relevant search terms beforehand. These can be job titles, but job-specific terminology is also worth including; that way, latent job seekers might also stumble upon your job ad. This broadens your ad's reach, bringing your ideal candidate even closer.

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The most effective advertisement iterations

Your campaign can be continuously optimised by making interim adjustments, such as adding or removing search terms. To ensure that your job ad is performing optimally, Adver-Online uses A/B testing. This entails testing different versions of your AdWords ad to see which version scores highest. The best performing version is selected accordingly to optimise conversion.

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What does a Google AdWords campaign cost?

AdWords uses a cost-per-click model (CPC model). For you, this means paying each time someone clicks on your ad. Which is why it is worthwhile researching the relevant search terms, as they can impact the effectiveness of your campaign. By advertising on the right search terms, you'll rarely pay for visitors you aren't looking to target. What if the campaign isn't such a hit? Not to worry. Your AdWords campaign can be tweaked whilst up and running by adding or removing search terms, for example, so you can keep pursuing the best results at the lowest prices.

Google AdWords does not specify any run times or prices in advance. It is possible to set a maximum price per click and a daily budget. This gives you control over how much you spend on the campaign. AdWords works along the following principle: the higher the bid, quality score and budget, the higher and more frequently an advertisement is displayed in the search results. The budget can be adjusted and the campaign terminated at any time if, say, you have managed to find the talent you were looking for. Rest assured that your budget will always be well spent!

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What advantages does a Google campaign by Adver-Online offer?

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