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Give candidates a peak behind the scenes of your company through a landing page.

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What is a landing page?

A landing page is a webpage visitors 'land' on when they are directed through to your website via an advertisement or other external link. In most cases, landing pages cannot be found on a website menu because they are designed specifically for visitors to your site who have arrived at your page from elsewhere.

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What is a landing page

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How does a landing page work?

The landing page is linked to an external advertisement. A visitor's click on the ad represents the first step towards receiving a new job application. From here on, it is very important to keep the visitor engaged and to satisfy their search requirements. Adver-Online can help you build an appealing landing page that answers the kinds of questions your ideal candidates will have. Films, sliders, forms, referrals and much more... anything is possible! We will create an easy-to-view page whereby all roles are easy to locate and information is clearly displayed. Ultimately, it is all about conversion. Which is why we incorporate a compelling call-to-action prompting candidates to upload their CV, cover letter or submit a request for a call-back. What's more, a landing page is also an ideal vehicle for communicating your employer brand!

What advantages does a landing page offer?

We see to it that the landing page is aligned with your advertisement. The result? Fewer drop-offs and more genuinely interested visitors.

Google Analytics enables you to monitor the conversion rates of your landing page yourself. However, Adver-Online will gladly take care of everything for you: from setting up and administering the campaign, to managing and where necessary, updating the page.

The chances of success are higher thanks to the fact that the visitor is won over in stages. The rate of conversion therefore increases, resulting in higher applicant numbers for you.

Google AdWords weighs up the relevance of the landing page to the advertisement. The better aligned these two are, the higher the ranking and the lower the cost-per-click.

Is your company lacking an impactful landing page?

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