Get quality candidates through conversion-driven landing pages

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Simple, clear and focused around a single message. That’s what a landing page should be. It’s where visitors ‘land’ having come through an online campaign. The objective? Conversion. In other words, to get as many CV submissions as possible.

Content is essential for landing page success. If the content isn’t consistent with the advertisement that grabbed the visitor’s attention, they will soon drop off. We’d be happy to advise you on creating a landing page with optimal findabilty that’s relevant to applicant searches.

Central point for all your recruitment activities

Save on advertising costs

AdWords considers the relevance of the landing page and the advertisement. The better the two are aligned, the higher the ranking and the lower the cost-per-click.

Quality visitors

If the landing page is consistent with the advertisement, there’s no need for the applicant to have to think or to search further. What this means for you? Fewer drop offs and more genuinely interested readers.

100% focused on conversion

Because the visitor’s sense of conviction increases with each step, the chances of success are higher. The conversion rate therefore increases, and you receive more applications.

A landing page to use as a central point for all your recruitment activities

Focused on a single message

In contrast to a website, a landing page consists of just one page. This page is focused around one vacancy or job grade. Visitors don’t just come across the page by chance; they will have searched for specific search terms that matched the content of the landing page, or have followed a link that caught their interest on another channel. The key is to keep these visitors interested and persuade them to take action.


Fast, accessible and easy

Now, keep it simple. One clear story with an obvious call-to-action so that visitors instantly understand what is expected of them: to apply! Whether this be in the form of uploading a CV and cover letter, or leaving a telephone number for a call-back.

Central point for all your recruitment activities
Logo Medisch Centrum Haaglanden

Operation assistant

Number of Google impressions: 6.839
Number of visitors: 577
Number of resumés: 31

Logo Irdeto

Various roles

Number of Google impressions: 900.248
Number of visitors: 11.384
Number of resumés: 1.243


Business Development Manager

Number of Google impressions: 1.949.019
Number of visitors: 3.931
Number of resumés: 22

How successful is your landing page?

Often, a landing page cannot be found on a website’s menu because it’s been designed especially for visitors who have clicked through from an advertisement. And yet, a landing page is extremely findable! With Google Analytics, it’s easy to keep track of how successful your landing page is. This tool allows you to closely monitor whether your content is converting, and steer towards higher conversion rates and applicant numbers.

Landing pages by Adver-Online


A central recruitment instrument for your recruitment campaign, fully consistent with your own look & feel.


A Google Qualified professional campaign: we take care of the arrangement, set-up, management and optimalisation entirely off your hands.


A landing page that has a fresh design, is technically sound and contains optimised content. Entirely tailored to your target group.


Option to integrate film, sliders, forms, references and much more!

Wondering what a landing page can do for your vacancy?

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