Mobile recruitment: your vacancy as an advertisement on mobile websites and applications

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Marketing via mobile devices makes it possible to reach potential candidates on-the-go or at home on the settee. Always reaching the desired and most relevant target group. This form of marketing is also termed mobile recruitment.

Reach your chosen target group at the exploration phase of their job hunt; those who are interested will be led straight to the job vacancy page with a simple click on a banner. This gives them the opportunity to apply there and then, or to save the page for later. To remain front-of-mind among this group, a follow-up campaign – also known as retargeting – can be launched. Targeting can be carried out based on:

  • Address level
  •  Time
  • Whitelisting at a sector level
  •  Behaviour
  • Management system and/or provider
  • Language installed on the device

Considerations for a mobile recruitment strategy

Advertising on a mobile device requires a whole other approach than advertising on a desktop. Remember, the screen on which your advertisement will be displayed is only small. Both image and message play important roles. Both need to be compelling, effective and above all, avoid annoying! On the flip side, the possibilities are vast: consider wide impact, 24/7 reach, creative banner ads and targeted reach.

Mobile and programmatic advertising join forces

Programmatic advertising is the automated buying of advertising space. Cookies provide data on online behaviour, which is analysed by algorithms. This provides a wealth of information and makes it possible to bid solely on impressions to people who fall within your target group. Adver-Online also supports this programmed method of buying for mobile recruitment.

A mobile recruitment banner knows three different sizes

What mobile advertising banners are available?

For a mobile recruitment campaign, you can provide your own banner or have us design one for you. A successful banner has the following properties:

  • Mirrors the look and feel of your website or landing page
  • Measures 320x50, 300x250 or 320x480 pixels
  • .gif or .png file
  • Maximum 80kb

What does mobile advertising cost based on views?

What should you consider for your mobile recruitment strategy? Adver-Online has extensive experience with mobile recruitment campaigns. We’d be happy to advise you on how mobile advertising can contribute to your recruitment goals. We use bidding, search terms, advertising copy and images to get the most out of you recruitment budget. Mobile advertising is priced as follows:

Mobile advertising: relevant targeting with a focus on your target group

Mobile recruitment by Adver-Online


Network with over 100,000 websites and applications.


Select your exact target group based on location, demographic characteristics and interests.


Can be implemented at local, national or global level in 60 countries.


Retargeting based on historical location data, regardless of the user’s new location.


Successful mobile marketing strategy for greater returns from your mobile website.


Effective media spend and optimal bids per device for greater ROI.

Wondering what mobile recruitment can do for your company?

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