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Target the right people at the perfect moment with mobile recruitment.

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What is mobile recruitment?

Mobile recruitment (also known as mobile targeting) allows you to reach the right candidates wherever and whenever you want. Whether it's on the train, during a work break or at home on the sofa, your job ad can appear before your target group 24/7.

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How does mobile recruitment work?

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Focus on the target group

Mobile recruitment begins with designing an attractive, informative and enthusing advertisement. Adver-Online is happy to help you create an inspirational and persuasive job ad with a clear call-to-action. Still not sure who exactly to target? No problem. Adver-Online target group analysis will tell you in no-time which group of job seekers your company should approach.

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The power of data

We will place your job ad on strategically selected websites. The more relevant the website being advertised on, the better the chances of reaching the right candidates and the more cost-efficient your campaign. This is facilitated by programmatic advertising, whereby automated advertising space can be purchased. Cookies offer data on the online behaviour of your visitors, that can subsequently be analysed with algorithms. This flow of information makes it possible - via mobile recruitment - for us to reach the people you are looking for, day and night.

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Put your employer brand on the map

When applicants click on your advertisement, they are redirected to a landing page that lists further information about the job. And so it is important that the job advertisement is aligned with this landing page. Adver-Online specialises in creating informative and persuasive landing pages that reflect your employer brand.

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Repeat exposure works

If your website visitors don't apply immediately or fail to convert in any other way, then retargeting - also termed remarketing - is an effective solution. People who click on your ad but do not convert there and then can be exposed to your job ad on another occasion on other websites. Targeting can be based on:

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What does a mobile recruitment campaign cost?

We'd be happy to advise you on how mobile advertising can contribute to reaching your recruitment objectives, taking your recruitment budget into account. To get the most out of your budget, we take advantage of bidding, search terms, advertising copy and images. The following costs are associated with mobile advertising:

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Mobile recruitment with Adver-Online

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