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2017 labour market predictions very positive: almost 1 million vacancies

With no less than 965,000 vacancies, 2017 is a busy year for recruiters. That is, if the UWV national labor market predictions become reality. Six months ago, the prediction of 871,000 vacancies was considerably lower. So why this positive reporting now? The continuing economic growth is not only creating new jobs, it’s also giving people the faith to change jobs.

The predicted figure approaches what it was in the glory years before the financial crisis from 2006 to 2008, when the number of vacancies just topped the million mark. Compared to 2016, it’s an increase of 39,000 vacancies (+4%).

Employment this year is predicted to grow by 138,000 jobs (+1.4%). This growth is in large part due to so-called flexible jobs such as temporary contracts, temping and self-employed workers. The UWV is also predicting a rise in sectors closely linked to consumer spending, such as the hospitality sector and retail. The growth is also evident in the healthcare sector (131,000); a sector facing an increasing number of vacancies that are difficult to fill.

Source: – ‘Job vacancies rise to near pre-crisis levels’

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