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42.2% of employers fail to map out the candidate journey

In a competitive and candidate-driven job market, the candidate experience – that is, a candidate’s experience of the journey he or she undertakes – is pivotal. Organisations that leave a lasting positive impression on candidates have better chances of cherry picking. And maintain the respect of rejected candidates.

Research carried out by Talent Board on behalf of Cielo supports this claim. It appears that 91.4% of employers understand how the quality of the candidate experience directly impacts the quality of the final appointment. However, surprisingly, 42.2% admits to failing to map out the candidate journey, therefore being unable to measure or evaluate the candidate experience. This means that the recruitment process is based on observations instead of on data, in an era when big-data can no longer be denied.

70.3% of employers claim to have benefitted from mapping out the candidate journey.

Doing so will have lessened the risk of losing quality candidates to the competition, and increased engagement with potential candidates. Meanwhile, 55.1% claims to have no proof that this outcome is a consequence of having this information.
Employers who map out the candidate experience are not convinced of the usability of their own information. Just 14.1% calls on the professional expertise of a third party. The research concludes: ‘in order for employers to apply the right focus, they need to invest in a robust and transparent evaluation of their processes to make the benefits clear. This is the only way to improve the candidate experience.’

Adver-Online plays a key role in this switch by providing the likes of an insightful recruitment marketing report. Adver-Online continually monitors a chosen channel from start to finish, producing a report on the campaign results. The campaign can subsequently be optimised in order to achieve the best outcome.

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