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Adver-Online and Walvis Participaties invest in 2013 Sprout start-up of the year: Speakap

Almere, 14 April 2015 – USG People subsidiary Adver-Online and Walvis Participaties have announced that they recently acquired a minority share in Speakap. Founded in 2011, Speakap operates in the field of online communication. The company has a strong focus on creating a closed and safe communication platform where employees can communicate and share work-related information between themselves.

Speakap has evolved to become a specialist in internal communication, offering SMEs and the corporate market a total solution. As such, the company launched communication platform, ‘Speakap’. Speakap is a very modern, private social platform that offers organisations an integrated means of managing all information streams (top-down and bottom-up): a straightforward way to reach the people you need and a safe and protected online environment in which to communicate. Speakap serves tens of thousands of users and hundreds of national and international companies, including USG People, Nikon, La Place, Hotel Okura and Marqt.

Erwin van der Vlist, founder of Speakap says: “The investment of Adver-Online and Walvis facilitates a faster roll-out of our services, both domestically and internationally, and enables us to develop our platform further. The synergy between Speakap as an innovative communication platform provider and Adver-Online as an innovative provider of HR solutions puts us in a position to offer the market a total modular online solution. Our clients only pay for those services they need for their organisation, without any start-up costs. We are delighted about this collaboration, which will open many doors for both parties.”

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