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Changing job market demands innovative approach

The employer is no longer in the driving seat – the job seeker is. As a business, you can do nothing but go along with this trend. But how do you ensure that you, the recruiter, catch the attention of the right candidate? Marco ter Lingen, Adver-Online CCO, offers his insights:

With the advent of Generation Y and Z, job market communication has changed, for good. Where previously, job boards were the way to attract hoards of candidates, nowadays, you’re hearing the words ‘job marketing’, ‘candidate experience’ and ’artificial intelligence’ bandied around. And with them, a whole new approach to reaching target groups is born. This approach has also been termed ‘recruitment marketing’. In short, this involves recruiting candidates with a marketing hat on. This method will enable you to reach not only active job seekers, but passive and latent ones, too. The vast majority of talent is, after all, less inclined to actively seek out a new job, but will often be open to the prospect. And importantly, we mustn’t forget that the younger generations connect with the rest of the world through their mobile phone. To them, it’s second nature.

The growth in the technological possibilities of the internet offers recruiters huge opportunities. Consider social media, for instance. This is an accessible tool recruiters can use to get in touch with a target group, and vice versa. These channels are an excellent way to highlight vacancies, and the company.

It’s no coincidence that ‘#vacancy’ came second in the top 10 trending topics on Twitter in 2016. 

Programmatic Advertising
Social media recruitment can be applied even more broadly, now that Snapchat and Instagram are gaining more ground and LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter continue to evolve. These developments are hard for recruiters to keep up with. Questions such as ‘Who is the target group?’, ‘Which channels do I find the target group on’ and ‘How do I trigger the target group?’ naturally arise in their wake. Programmatic Advertising is now here to hold recruiters’ hands.

In essence, programmatic advertising involves the fully independent and automated selection of texts, images, segmentation, channels and placement timing of an advertisement, based on the vacancy’s characteristics. The online behaviour of potential candidates is then used to determine whether or not an individual falls within the target group, and when the perfect moment is to approach them. The advantage of programmatic job advertising is that is offers real-time insight into results data, which can instantly be leveraged for retargeting purposes, in other words, to reach the right target group yet again for maximum campaign impact.

Reach your target group with programmatic job advertising

These technological developments render social media recruitment indispensible for a successful recruitment marketing campaign. However, in isolation, they aren’t always a sure way to success. Social media recruitment comes into its own as part of a combination of online possibilities, such as landing pages, job board posts and mobile recruitment. In recruitment, the power of repetition should not be underestimated.

This article appeared as an editorial contribution on the XpertHR Actueel on 19 December 2016. Read the original (Dutch) here.

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