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Build a employer brand to attract new talent and retain existing employees

The job market is on the move, with a wide range of vacancies as the natural consequence. In order to reach and persuade candidates at a time like this, more and more media channels and means are being used alongside the traditional job boards. It all contributes towards making your target group’s first impression of you a good one. But what if you’re facing too few applications, lacking quality candidates and brand recognition? If this is the case for you, then your employer brand could likely do with a boost.

Why build a strong employer brand?

Building a strong employer brand is essential; not only with a view to retaining existing employees, but also for attracting new talent. A strong employer brand will in fact ensure that candidates are clear on what kind of organisation they are dealing with. This makes it possible to uncover a ‘cultural fit’, allowing for a better match between candidate and employer to occur sooner. Other benefits of employer branding include:

  • Lower cost-per-hire
  • Recognition
  • Good findability among active and latent job seekers
  • Strong positioning in relation to competitors
  • Better quality-of-hire

Employer brand: broader than job marketing

At Factstory, we too have noticed a rise in the number of enquiries relating to boosting employer brand. What do candidates think if us an employer? How can we influence this? And what are the consequences for the here and now, as well as for the future? In order to answer this, we have pooled our knowledge and expertise with those of Adver-Online. All the intel we’ve gain from previous campaigns, as well as what we learn from discussions with the client, is analysed. We also provide strategy sessions to complete the puzzle and find any missing pieces.

Identify your employer brand

We offer strategy sessions in the form of 6 modules, developed in-house. During these brainstorming sessions, we dive into the consumer journey and explore the answer to questions like: ‘Which steps does a candidate go through during the entire exploration process?’, ‘What are they sensitive to?’ and ‘Where along the line do they drop off?’ We also map out the target group, what drives them and what kind of company they’re looking for. Next, we issue advice on changes that can be made to find the right candidate for the job, sooner: both in the immediate and the long term. As every client’s situation is unique, the sessions can be purchased in modules. They are pragmatic and practical, making it easy to measure the ensuing results.

A strong employer brand for the best match between employer and employee

Employer Branding represents part of an innovative and strategic approach to reaching both latent and active job seekers. Are you ready to elevate your recruitment process to the next level?

This article was offered to you by Pim Mulder, owner and strategic marketeer at Factstory. Marketing communications agency, Factstory is a collaborative partner of Adver-Online, offering strategic Employer Brand sessions on recruitment matters.

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