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Adver-Online expands service offering with new recruitment solution: community management!

In the year 2017, social media has become a corner stone in recruitment campaigns for reaching both active and latent job seekers. Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter – also referred to as social media recruitment – provides significant online visibility for your job ad. But what if we were to tell you that you can get even more out of your campaign?

What is community management?

Simply publishing information is a thing of the past. Social media demands conversation. But how do you apply this in practice? The answer to this question can be found in community management, which builds structurally on the relationship with the target group. It’s all about nurturing these people.

How does it apply to recruitment?

Job ads on social media are often responded to with questions, comments, tags and / or reviews. Actively responding to these in a positive and helpful way can help persuade potential candidates to still apply. In addition, it is also important for managing any negative responses.

“On average, a social media campaign lasting 3 months generates 1,000 interactions. Responding to all comments and shares requires a lot of time, but you’re missing out on an opportunity for quality candidates if you sit back and do nothing with them!”

Community management works as follows for a recruitment campaign:

  1. Once your vacancy ad has been posted on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and / or Twitter, the ads are continually scanned for responses, including spam and negative messages.
  2. For each comment, our online marketeers will check-out the potential candidate’s profile and formulate a suitable response on that basis. The response would ideally be posted from a company account and tailored to your organisation’s tone-of-voice.
  3. Comments are answered within 4 hours during office hours, and within 8 outside of office hours. Regardless of the nature of a comment, we remain focused on increasing the number of quality applications.
Examples community management

What are the advantages for your job ad?

Take advantage of questions, comments, tags and/or reviews from potential candidates and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increase the campaign’s (organic) reach
    A social media recruitment campaign’s reach often depends on relevance. Facebook considers interactive ads very relevant, which means that the job ad is more regularly displayed, without any additional cost.
  • Increase numbers of quality applicants
    While it is not the same as applying, responding to an advert can be considered an expression of interest. This makes it a missed opportunity if you don’t do anything with a potential contact.
  • Strengthen employer brand
    An interactive advertisement comes across as reliable and professional. Plus, it shows that you as a company take others seriously and encourages a positive first touch point in a potential application process.
  • Increase social media fan base
    A social media campaign is targeted towards a very narrow target group and as such is entirely appropriate to that particular vacancy. So invite anyone interested to follow your company page, so that they stay updated about future developments.

Community Management by Adver-Online

Community management is not a new phenomenon in itself. But it is new in recruitment! Adver-Online is the first online recruitment marketing specialist to offer community management as an add-on to social media recruitment campaigns! This service is being offered thanks to a collaboration with DRIIVN, a creative online marketing & social media agency that combines knowledge of online marketing, copywriting, recruitment and HR media. We’ll create a thriving community around your job vacancy!

Discover the possibilities of community management!

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