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Video: don’t get left behind!

Video is a hot topic in the world of communication. Stronger still, you might say there’s no getting away from it if you want to reach a given target group. Not only because online has proven effective (which comes as no surprise to use, as we’ve been using it for years now already), but also because an increasing number of companies are opting to use this medium. Don’t get left behind!

Starting out with video? There are a few important decisions to be made first!

Video is a broad concept. And for anyone new to it, it can be a challenge to know what to do for the best. For example, should you get your video made by a one-man-band, who comes and sets up his camera gadgets and does a bit of editing in exchange for a small fee? Or do you approach a professional video production company with your project? And then there are those expensive agencies. So expensive that they must be professional, right?!

A very important question to ask with any video is: ‘What kind of video do you need to reach your target group?’. Not only are there an overwhelming number of creative concepts to choose from, there are also huge differences in the quality of execution. Not to mention the actual impact the concept will have on your target group. With the variations in price, vast number of providers and quality discrepancies, it’s no wonder you can’t see the wood from the trees.

Once this hurdle has been overcome, the fun can begin!

After 25 years of doing virtually everything in TV there is to do, a few years ago, a colleague and I thought about producing online videos for businesses. It was a new challenge for both of us: how were we going to make high quality and effective video content accessible to all?

Eventually, the answer was surprisingly simple: you just need to determine the video’s objective. The purpose isn’t to make a video, it’s to generate income. The video is just the means of achieving that. You can go out of your way to produce the craziest and most creative ideas, but sometimes, the tried and tested approach is powerful and effective enough. Less is more, as they say.

Employer branding video to support a recruitment campaign

These days, many businesses are facing huge staffing challenges. Filling vacancies is especially difficult where there is shortage of specific professionals. Video is an ideal way to market job vacancies creatively, but it can also be used to introduce potential candidates to your company, with transparency.

It’s a well-known expression: a picture speaks a thousand words. So imagine just what you can achieve with video. Video speaks volumes!

An employer branding video paints a clear picture of your business, in a way that’s impossible to achieve with the written word, or even photos. This is significant, particularly where factors like the working climate, collegiality and growth opportunities are all that separate the role at company X from the role at company Y. When combined with a social media recruitment campaign, for example, your video has a platform, ensuring your message is distributed among and reaches the right people. All of that with one simple video!

This blog is brought to you by Pascal Slingerland, Video Communication Specialist and Co-Founder at Chardonnay Media. Adver-Online offers this service to enhance numerous recruitment campaigns. Find more information on video recruitment, here.

Also an expressive video to strengthen your employer brand?

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