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Increasing numbers of employers face difficult-to-fill vacancies

The country is happy with the improving economy. But employers are already experiencing the down side. Healthcare, construction, education, ICT and technology: no longer can they deny the tightness of the labour market. A direct effect of economic growth, but also of an aging workforce.

Shortage of workers
The shortage in technical professionals such as plumbers, electricians and maintenance engineers will come as no surprise. The same goes for the demand for system developers and programmers with knowledge of specific programming language (such as .net and java). But education, healthcare and the hospitality industries can also be added on to the list. Even construction, a sector that quite recently experienced a crisis, is battling with a shortage of professionals. The growing demand for bricklayers and carpenters is a consequence of the housing market picking-up.

Number of employees that fase problems as of employee shortage

The end not yet in sight
The shortage looks set to continue for some years, according to research by UWV entitled ‘Promising professions: Where is the labour market tight? National overview’. This theory is supported by figures published recently by the CBS. At the end of December 2016, 169,000 open vacancies were recorded in the Netherlands. This number has not been as high since 2008.

Vacancies open for longer
The CBS makes the following statement: ‘The number of vacancies that are created or filled each quarter is much higher than the average number of open vacancies. During the previous quarter, for example, 238,000 vacancies were created and 230,000 were filled. These figures are the highest they have been in 8 years. The fact that the number of open vacancies is increasing faster than the number of filled vacancies suggests that vacancies are remaining open for longer before being filled.’

Sources: UWV & CBS

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