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HROffice launches HR Appstore

In October, HROffice, Adver-Online’s software development branch, launched HR Appstore. HR Appstore is an online platform for various HR software applications. It applies best practices from the consumer world to improve the service provided to HR software users. As consumers themselves, HR professionals and managers are used to purchasing software from application stores such as Google Play and the Apple App Store. The same principle is now being applied to HR applications in order to better serve the market. HR Appstore offers, among other things, tools for optimising the recruitment process, but also for online assessments, digital checks on CVs and legal advice.

Growing selection for HR professionals and businesses
HR Appstore is especially suited to professionals working with SMEs and SME+. Take, for instance, the HR manager who wants a smart way of doing more in less time, or a recruiter, director or business involved in HR. Larger enterprises can also take advantage of HR Appstore.

HR Appstore offers users easy access to applications from well-known players, but also from innovative start-ups. New partners are added and integrated on a monthly basis so as to keep the offering as broad as possible. Thanks to this breadth of choice, apps cater exactly to the user’s HR processes and workflow.

Trial subscriptions
The range can be explored in the same way consumers test out software: HR Appstore is free to use, and a large number of providers offer trial subscriptions. What’s more, HR Appstore always offers the available applications at the best price.

Curious? Take a look at HR Appstore and discover the benefits!


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