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Persuade difficult-to-reach audiences to apply with fully automated advertisements

81% of job seekers are passive or latent. And yet employers still target mainly active job seekers. If you want to avoid falling into the same trap, start advertising on media where your talent is active. Programmatic job advertising is a perfect solution for reaching the right person, at the right moment, with the right ad. A vacancy scan, real-time bidding and A/B testing: just three steps stand between you and launching a perfectly automated recruitment campaign.

Meet Adam

Allow us to introduce you to Adam. Adam is a recruitment tool. And not just any old tool! Because Adam uses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Technology that’s driven by this intelligence automates recruitment and sets up a campaign that will be catch the attention of people who matter to you. The result? Better candidates.

Programmatic job advertising with Adam

How does programmatic job advertising work in practice?

For each advertisement, the texts, images, segmentation, channels and placement timing are selected entirely independently and automatically, based on the vacancy’s characteristics. The technology is designed to buy online advertising space on Social Media and Google, without the need for any human intervention. Subsequently, A/B testing increases conversion by testing out different variations of the ad on the selected channels. The advertisement is thus personalised and optimised to such a degree, that the process results in the perfect advertisement.

Not only does this give you the best online advertising space at a competitive price, it also provides you with the right ad to use on those channels.

The online behaviour of potential candidates is then used to determine whether or not an individual falls within the target group, and when the perfect moment is to approach them. This behaviour is discovered by pixel placement and through analysis of algorithms and big data. The advantage of programmatic job advertising is that is offers real-time insight into results data, which can instantly be leveraged for retargeting purposes, in other words, to reach the right target group yet again for maximum campaign impact.

Programmatic job advertising: insight into your recruitment campaign

The process is a complex one, but not if someone else takes care of it for you. Are you ready for a perfectly automated recruitment campaign? Save yourself time and stress with Artificial Intelligence-driven recruitment technology and target the ideal candidate.

This article was offered to you through our partner Adver-Online offers this service as part of our portfolio.

Curious about whether programmatic advertising is suitable for your recruitment campaign?

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