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Successful job vacancy marketing

Job vacancy marketing is an excellent solution for effectively filling job vacancies. However, with the marketing knowledge bar continually being lifted and top talent that’s getting tougher to win over, marketing job vacancies has become a more complex issue for recruiters. Numerous case studies have since proven that a simple mix of generic job boards won’t get you far with specific vacancies. Bringing you up to speed with ‘job vacancy marketing anno 2017’, Remko Booghmans, Sales Manager at Adver-Online, shares his job vacancy marketing vision, using four key questions.

Social media, Google and Display recruitment…these are all terms recruiters hear bandied around. How do you navigate trough these digital solutions?

“Although every recruitment requirement is unique, we can still recognise a trend. We’ve seen that successful job vacancy marketing campaigns increasingly use a combination of various (job ad) websites, social media and Google. It’s important that the channels are all aligned and enhance one another. Which makes sense, as potential candidates are searching for information from a growing number of sources. The message need not necessarily contain job-related information, but should use text and imagery to create effect and incite the candidate.”

How is the use of multiple channels key to success?

“Persuading a target group to apply for a job is comparable to buying a product. Not everyone is actively looking, so you need to entice an inactive group with relevant images and text. The same applies for recruitment. It’s a process that can take considerable time because you need to align the message perfectly to the candidate journey. You won’t be the only organisation adopting this strategy, with as a consequence that people are exposed to thousands of communication stimulants every day. Which is why it’s so important to define the target audience exactly on the one hand, and to have visibility with quality material and visual material that coverts on the right channels on the other.”

How do you apply this strategy in practise?

“Our strategy is reasonably easy to explain through the visual below.”

The vacancy marketing funnel

“It shows that we establish the target group first and foremost. We do this by asking questions like: whom is the vacancy intended for? What qualifications do they have? Where do they live? What are their interests? We always observe a split between active and latent job seekers. Active job seekers often explore numerous job sites, but due to the vast number of vacancies, you need to bear in mind that a vacancy really needs to stand out.

You’ll note that the target group can be detailed very precisely. So take advantage of this information! Social media and Google, with their highly developed targeting possibilities, are excellent for this. Nevertheless, data from our campaigns tells us that just 2% actually convert after the 1st or 2nd touch point. The remaining 98% only takes action after the 3rd or even the 4th touch point. In order to stay top-of-mind among the potential target group, we use retargeting. The only proviso with that being that endless retargeting on a single channel can also have an adverse effect. And irritating the target group is the last thing you want!

This is why we opt for Google Display. The Google Display Network offers access to countless Google, YouTube, and Buienradar partner websites, but also to many other sites, videos, blogs and apps worldwide. Potential candidates are shown the job ad in the form of a banner on other websites, for that extra nudge to apply. This makes Google Display an indispensable and powerful instrument.”

What added value does Adver-Online offer recruiters who have already cracked this strategy?

“With this strategy, we try to give recruiters the tools to create a campaign. We’ll then help with programmatic advertising, creating advertising material that converts and optimising campaigns using A/B-testing and / or lead boosts. And as I’ve already said, every recruitment requirement is unique. We decide whether any additional solutions are required on a client-by-client basis. The changing media landscape has created endless possibilities. Why shouldn’t you reap the benefits?”

Discover the possibilities of vacancy marketing!

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