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International recruitment for Van de Velde Groep

International recruitment strategy for Van de Velde Groep

About Van de Velde

Van de Velde Group is one of the market leaders in luxury lingerie. The organisation was founded in 1919 and has now employed 1,400 driven and enthusiastic employees. Under the brand names Lincherie and Rigby & Peller they are expanding in the Netherlands, UK, Germany, Spain, Denmark, USA and Asia daily.

The recruitment challenge

Rigby & Peller, brand name of Van de Velde Group, has now 9 boutiques in some of London’s most prestigious shopping areas. The growth and success of the shops has led to international expansion and the opening of luxury boutiques in among others Germany. This is how the search for employees for a Berlin location established. In this situation, a Store Manager, or called Erfahrene Geschäftsleiterin, with a intermediate or higher vocational degree and at least 1-2 years of work experience as a location leader at a premium retail brand. Adver-Online has been asked to think about a campaign strategy to successfully fulfill this vacancy.

The result

In Germany, the supply of jobboards is lower than in the Netherlands. In order to reach the active  job seekers, it is important to use the best-visited careers sites at all times. For example:

  • DE.Fashionjobs – specialized job platform for professionals in fashion, luxury and beauty.
  • – one of the largest and best-known platforms in Germany with an extra publication on
  • StepStoneDuitsland – big and well-known generic platform with an extra publication on partner sites,, and

But definitely do not overlook the latent audience! That’s why Linkedin Jobporal and Social Media are part of the campaign. A LinkedIn job placement is shown to corresponding profiles and to company page followers. Social media recruitment goes one step further. The ads are expanded with programmatic advertising, which allows the following elements to be released on the campaign:

Bid optimization
A / B tests
Multi funnel retargeting
This has a great added value to attract potential candidates with a specific fashion background. This strategy has resulted in the following results with, of course, a driven and enthusiastic new employee as a result:

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Tarnished employer brand MS Mode re-positioned with creative recruitment campaign

Tarnished employer brand MS Mode re-positioned with creative recruitment campaign

MS Mode is a fashion retailer with 400 stores spread throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France and Spain. Each country has its own webshop and there are over 2,500 staff. But on 11th August 2016, its worst nightmare came true, as MS Mode the Netherlands was declared bankrupt.

Situation outline

The doors to 130 branches remained closed. The webshop was static and 660 staff were left standing on the streets. But 8th September 2016 there is good news; MS Mode is making a new start. Staff are needed to get the shops operational again. Lots of staff. How do you go about getting a group of this size together in a short space of time, for a business that’s had some recent bad press? MS Mode called on Adver-Online to help set a strategic plan in motion for this complex recruitment piece.


Adver-Online was tasked with quantitatively and qualitatively filling the vacancies of Curvy Fit shop manager and advisor. In order for this to happen, the MS Mode employer brand needed a revival, instilling trust in candidates once again. To show that MS Mode had undergone a healthy new start, new and fresh visuals were created for a landing page and adverts. Next, social media was used to make candidates aware of the vacancies. Programmatic job advertising tells you who your target group is, what they like and where to find them. This allows for very narrow targeting that also moves both active and latent job seekers. If a candidate has shown an interest, retargeting provides that extra bit of encouragement. The effect will differ for each individual, which is why each specific segment is shown a different message.

“Who doesn’t want the right people in the right roles? After all, people who are suited to their role perform better, enjoy their job more and more productive.”

Elisa de Boer

Talent Acquisition Specialist, MS Mode

Having experienced a significant departure of staff following bankruptcy, MS Mode opted for an entirely new personnel file for the new start. Still, quantity wasn’t the only objective behind the recruitment process; quality was also a requisite: no mean feat in an era when businesses with a positive image get twice the number of applicants than those with a negative one. And alas, MS Mode’s bankruptcy had left a bitter taste behind on the job market.

The strategic recruitment campaign ensured that MS Mode was once again perceived as an interesting employer. Everything in the campaign needed to be right; the message, the moment, the medium. The new, fresh imagery gave the impression that MS Mode was once again a healthy business, and compelling copy conveyed the brand’s fun, friendly side. Combined with the right reach, all this led to the recruitment of many new, enthusiastic and, most importantly, good MS Mode staff.

“There is no single MS Mode employee ‘mould’. In the same way that all our customers are unique. Which is why we seek out people who offer new perspectives and energy. We look for staff who are entrepreneurial, full of passion, commercial and hungry to learn. These people are the future MS Mode-ers.”

Elisa de Boer

Talent Acquisition Specialist, MS Mode

914 candidates completed the MS Mode talent pitch. At the time of writing, there have been 365 hires since 10th December. And MS Mode is still looking: another 146 new colleagues to go. If these results are anything to go by, it won’t take long, either!

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Knowledge partner for the Elisabeth-TweeSteden Ziekenhuis

Adver-Online acts as knowledge partner for the Elisabeth-TweeSteden Ziekenhuis

The ETZ (Elisabeth-TweeSteden Ziekenhuis) is a leading clinical teaching hospital and trauma centre. With three sites in Tilburg and Waalwijk, the ETZ serves all those living in the Midden-Brabant region, but also far beyond. 6,500 staff work at the hospital.

We spoke to Manon Hagenaars, Labour Market Advisor for ETZ

What exactly does your role with ETZ entail?

When the St. Elisabeth Ziekenhuis and the Twee Steden Ziekenhuis officially merged, our HRM department was split into three branches. One of those is the Expertise Centre, of which I am a part. Together with my colleague Emine Kaya, I focus on job market communication and advertising campaigns. The executives decide the ultimate selection process.

Whenever a new vacancy arises, how do you set about filling it? Stel er komt een nieuwe vacature vrij, hoe gaan jullie te werk?

We look at each vacancy on a case-by-case basis to determine how best to go about recruiting for it. For roles that are difficult to fill, we’re glad to ask for help from Adver-Online. Their own data and knowledge combined with knowledge of our expertise centre results in successful recruitment campaigns. These campaigns have reduced our need to involve recruitment and selection agencies to fill vacancies to practically zero. This not only saves money, but also enables us to do a lot ourselves.

How have your recruitment campaigns changed over the years?

We used to use a lot of print media. Because pretty much all of our campaigns are now online, we’re saving a lot of money. Branding has also become very important to us. For example, we organise an annual career tour for secondary school pupils. The pupils get a glimpse into a day at the hospital and come into contact with numerous jobs and traineeships. This shows how we are having to think more and more creatively if we are to appeal to certain target groups.

Logo ETZ

“For us, the benefit of our partnership lies in the data, and knowledge in the field of digital solutions.”

Manon Hagenaars

Labour Market Advisor for ETZ, Elisabeth-TweeSteden Ziekenhuis

You have a landing page – how do you use that?

Following the merger, we had two websites that needed to be combined. At that time, we had a significant need for nurses, so couldn’t afford to wait for a new website. Plus, Adver-Online advised us that a landing page could achieve better findability. All of this combined was reason for us to launch a landing page. We list a number of vacancies on there, which can be applied for directly. Adver-Online uses SEO and SEA to bring the page to the attention of our target group.

What have you found to be the benefits of the partnership?

For us, the benefit of our partnership lies in the data, and knowledge in the field of digital solutions. We also have a heap of knowledge within the expertise centre, but I realise that online recruitment isn’t our core business. Adver-Online not only keeps us abreast of developments and innovations, but also takes the execution off our hands.

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St. Antonius Ziekenhuis; making the impossible possible

“An extensive campaign to recruit from an almost dry well!”

On behalf of the St. Antonius Ziekenhuis , Adver-Online developed a recruitment campaign to hire specialist nurses for the hospital’s sites in Nieuwegein, Utrecht and Woerden.

About St. Antonius Ziekenhuis

The St. Antonius Ziekenhuis is a modern, leading clinical hospital that strives to provide the best medical and nursing care and service. It offers an extensive range of specialist care at its various sites. The hospital also boasts well-trained and motivated specialists and nurses.

Campaign objective

On 1 January 2016, the St. Antonius Ziekenhuis in Utrecht and Nieuwegein and the Zuwe Hofpoort Ziekenhuis in Woerden merged. This merger brought with it new possibilities, including an expansion of the specialist nursing pool; a task that’s easier said than done, as hospitals throughout the country experience a chronic shortage of this important workforce. This recruitment project needed a strategic approach.

Target group analysis

For scarce target groups, it is important to identify what motivates them. A target group analysis was carried out in order to distil this information. Key conclusions from the research were:

In the Netherlands, 29,000 nurses fit the role profile. 12% of these are located in Noord-Holland, 9% in Utrecht, 19% in Zuid-Holland and 16% in Noord-Brabant.

Interests are: fitness, series, online shopping, WhatsApp and music festivals.

Hospital staff need to be able to get to the hospital within 30 minutes. In addition, there is little willingness to travel due to shift work.

Campaign strategy

The valuable information gleaned from the target group analysis was used to form the strategy. The foundation of which was to create visibility and awareness among a group that is not actively seeking a new job, with a message that encourages engagement. Seen that this message needed to become the face of the organisation, the hospital’s inherent strengths were drawn on. Examples were the immediate availability of permanent contracts, the Sterk in je Werk career portal, continuous improvement through means of a lean methodology and the top employer award granted in 2015 and 2016. On top of this, the key to success with this target group is to give them the right stimulus at the right time. By taking holiday periods and shift work into account, visibility is optimised on the one hand, and the budget on the other.

Multi-channel campaign

A campaign’s efficacy is the result of a combination of different channels and the interplay between the effects thereof. One method alone is often not the solution, but using a mix often results in success. Based on the above information, Instagram, Facebook, Indeed and mobile recruitment were the chosen channels. Via these channels, the target group is warmly received on a personalised St. Antonius Ziekenhuis landing page. This experience spurs people to go on to apply.

“Our experience of Adver-Online has been great! They respond fast and are quick to take action, as well as offering excellent advice. Thanks to their insight and the extensive possibilities they offer, we get good and qualified responses. It’s a pleasure to work with Adver-Online.”

Moniek Morsink

Corporate Recruiter, St. Antonius Ziekenhuis

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Qualitative and quantitative gains for TU Eindhoven

Qualitative and quantitative gains for TU Eindhoven

The Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e) is a research university specialising in engineering science & technology. One of the leading universities in the world, it is recognised as a birthplace of innovation.

We spoke to Melloh Bröcheler – HR Advisor at TU/e.

What is your role at TU/e?

I joined TU/e in early 2008 and took on the role of HR Advisor in 2010. As HR Advisor, I take care of the staff recruitment, departures and transfers within the Accommodation, Internal Affairs, General Affairs, Information Expertise Centre, Financial and Economic services.

What is your work approach towards recruitment?

As HR Advisor, among other things, I advise on the staffing resources for the departments mentioned, as well as on the related choice for in-house or external recruitment. I’ll always look to see if I can fill a vacancy internally. If not, I begin the external recruitment process.

Which external channels do you use?

I recruit a wide range of roles, due to the fact that the multiple services I advise for are totally different: from financial roles like Financial Controller, to very technical roles such as Technical Administrator. For about the past year, I’ve been consulting Adver-Online about additional online recruitment channels that we might be able to employ alongside our usual channels. Previously, I would post the vacancy on our own website and see what happened. Only if we got too few applicants would I call in a recruitment agency to support us, depending on the nature of the role. While this does deliver the desired outcome, it is a very costly solution.

One you don’t choose any more?

I heard about Adver-Online through Rian Campen, HR communication advisor. It is a dynamic organisation that knows recruitment, and provides me with sound and efficient support on recruitment matters. We started off together with a pilot project, which involved them supporting us to fill a difficult job profile – and it went really well.

“I don’t wait for 150 responses to come in; instead, I get 50 really promising ones.”

Melloh Bröcheler

HR Advisor, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

What are the tangible benefits of that?

I could seek out suitable recruitment channels and go through the process myself. But it’s really time-consuming, and therefore not ideal. With the support of Adver-Online, we not only receive more responses, but also better quality ones. I don’t wait for 150 responses to come in; instead, I get 50 really promising ones! The world of job boards and recruitment techniques is changing rapidly. Adver-Online has an understanding of (online) recruitment channels that I don’t. And so they take on that burden for us, freeing up more time for me to do other work.

How has your recruitment improved over time?

We are noticing that our vacancies are getting filled quicker. The ‘time-to-hire’ has improved. Which ultimately means that we get the right man or woman in post sooner. And that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day!

Interested in more information?

For the fulfillment of our vacancies we always want to recruit the best candidates. Adver-Online has proven her value several times by providing us expert and concrete recruitment advice that eventually led to the best candidate! The fast negotiations, finetuning and good support in the recruitment process make Adver Online an ideal partner for our vacancies!

Ineke Rietberg

P&O, Biohorma

With a limited number of vacancies arising each year and with the numerous possibilities afforded by social media, being a small organisation, it is and has been impossible for us to know everything there is to know about everything. There are specialist websites for every role, and the costs can really mount up if you’re wanting to use multiple websites. During a search for the right websites, I happened to be approached by Adver-Online. To begin with, we set up a pilot project; the impact on registrations from applicants was immediately visible. Adver-Online buys in bulk, which gives them wide reach for relatively little investment. In addition, they know which websites work best for certain roles. I’ve been enthusiastic about their experience and support right from the start. In addition to the rise in the number of applicants, the collaboration also saves on advertising costs. Plus, they work very fast and are very professional.

Nancy van Abswoude

Manager Human Resources, Krauthammer

“Our experience of Adver-Online has been great! They respond fast and are quick to take action, as well as offering excellent advice. Thanks to their insight and the extensive possibilities they offer, we get good and qualified responses. It’s a pleasure to work with Adver-Online.”

Moniek Morsink

Corporate Recruiter, St. Antonius Ziekenhuis

Adver-Online helped Guidion with an awesome online campaign. Their great, It’s true. Thanks Erwin Lammers, you rock.

Dave Vervoord

Resourcemanager Expertise Recruitment, Guidion

“For us, the benefit of our partnership lies in the data, and knowledge in the field of digital solutions.” Manon Hagenaars

Labour Market Advisor, Elisabeth-TweeSteden Ziekenhuis

“I don’t wait for 150 responses to come in; instead, I get 50 really promising ones.”

Melloh Bröcheler

HR Advisor, TU Eindhoven

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