Healthcare and wellbeing: effective recruitment in a crowded job market

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Recruiting in the healthcare sector is an art in itself. With experience of online recruitment for hospitals and healthcare institutions such as Alrijne Zorggroep, Bravis Ziekenhuis, de Zorgboog, GGD Hollands Midden and WijZijn Traverse Groep, Adver-Online knows what job market communication and recruitment in the healthcare sector takes.

Focus on the right target group

Encompassing 1.4 million workers, the healthcare sector remains the largest sector in the Netherlands. However, the care itself has become more complex, leading to a significant increase in the demand for more highly qualified staff. Healthcare professionals not only need to be able to provide care, but to also have mastered a whole host of other competencies, including:

  • more complex care at home
  • self-led teams
  • technological changes

In short, a tricky skill profile that isn’t readily found.

Headhunting versus recruitment

Organisations will often use headhunters to attract large groups of candidates. The related fee the organisation can expect to pay in this case is between 20% and 40% of the annual salary. This is a significant cost, especially for healthcare authorities! We help our healthcare clients reach innovative solutions for tracking down this specialist candidate group, within largely restrictive budgets.

Clinch it with a successful recruitment campaign

Simple exposure on a job board and your own website will not deliver results. So how do you recruit in a tight job market? And more importantly, how do you differentiate yourself from competitor employers? Take on the challenge with a strategic recruitment campaign and make your recruitment objectives a reality. We know how to find, reach and urge candidates to apply!

Recruitment pressure within healthcare

The healthcare job market is under huge pressure as a result of increasing demand and decreasing supply. Not only does this put financial pressure on recruitment and selection, but it also calls for a different target group approach. We know this target group through and through, and keep a close eye on developments in the healthcare arena.


Read about our strategy for Elisabeth-TweeSteden Ziekenhuis or St. Antonius Ziekenhuis.

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“Our experience with Adver-Online has been great! They respond fast and are quick to take action, as well as offering excellent advice. Thanks to their insight and the extensive possibilities they offer, we get good and qualified responses. It’s a pleasure to work with Adver-Online.”

Moniek Morsink
Corporate Recruiter St. Antonius Ziekenhuis

“For us, the benefit of our partnership lies in the data, and knowledge in the field of digital solutions.”

Manon Hagenaars
Labor Market Advisor, Elisabeth-TweeSteden Ziekenhuis

Adver-Online: online recruitment marketing

Your partner for all your recruitment activities

We use smart tools to increase the online visibility of your vacancy. We combine recruitment and marketing to reach both active and latent job seekers, helping you find the right candidate!

Are you structurally in search of a single target group? Target group marketing will give you brand awareness among candidates who fit the desired profile. We stay focused on responses from quality applicants.

Convey the unique character of your organisation to strengthen your employer brand and attract more and better candidates as a result. Because candidates don’t only look for new jobs; they want an employer that’s the right fit, too.


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