Insight into your campaign with recruitment reports

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Get insight into the results of your campaign and your candidates’ status with a single glance at any time, making any adjustments required. Get started with big data recruitment and measure results across the whole marketing mix.

Report step 1

Ongoing measurement

Regardless of the marketing mix you choose, we will continue to measure your campaign from the start, so you know which channels are performing well and where your candidates are coming from.

Report step 2


We periodically analyse the results of your campaign and agree follow-up actions with you, assuring you that the candidates will be suitably qualified.

Report step 3


We strive for the best possible results: we will optimise your campaign based on the campaign analysis. Achieve instant results and let us advise you of the possibilities for your recruitment campaign today.

Recruitment reports also visible on your mobile

Full insight within arm’s reach

The report provides real-time answers to your campaign queries. The performance of the various channels is presented clearly, offering you insight into the reach and results of your campaign. For a complete picture, we give you access to all the information, so that you are clear on where your applicants are coming from.

Social media engagement, number of clicks per week, the region and source from which candidates hail…. These are just a few examples of the kinds of information you can expect from the report. The recruitment report is supplied upon request and completely free of charge, ensuring you are always fully in the picture.

Measure performance with relevant data

We are the first in the Netherlands to enhance data from our campaigns with Google Analytics and information from HROffice Recruitment in a single dashboard. This creates a seamless process, allowing you to steer performance and quality-of-hire.

Take the step towards data-driven Predictive Recruitment. With years of experience behind us, we reach your target group with exceptional results that are immediately evident in the reporting.

Recruitment reports for insight into your recruitment campaign
We bring Google analytics data together with data from HROffice Recruitment

Integration with our recruitment system

Keep close tabs on your recruitment funnel with optional linking to the HROffice Recruitment system. In addition to campaign results, the report provides insight into the number of applicants, clicks per channel, male-to-female ratio and the number of candidates in the various stages of you recruitment funnel, among others.

The versatility HROffice Recruitment offers enables you to design the optimum recruitment process, with an added edge from recruitment analytics.

Insightful Recruitment Marketing with Adver-Online

Advise for the perfect marketingmix

Advice on the perfect marketing mix

If it’s the best advice on recruitment campaigns and recruitment marketing you’re after, then you’re in the right place. Thanks to our innovations, we know how to reach and move your target group. Benefit from our years of experience and request advice without obligation.

Campagins for the right reach

Campaigns for the right reach

Our service portfolio contains a comprehensive range of possibilities through which to successfully reach your target group. These include the use of social media, mobile recruitment, various forms of bannering and target group pages to set your target group in motion. Get in touch and inquire about the possibilities.

Recommended HR-software company

Most recommended HR-software company

We are proud to be able to say that Adver-Online / HROffice comes recommended by the market. In the 2016 MT Digital, respondents were asked their opinion on software organisations in the field of personnel recruitment, transfers and departures. Adver-Online / HROffice came joint fourth for best HR-software company in the Netherlands. In 2015, HROffice Recruitment achieved sixth place.

Interested? Let us advise you on the possibilities!

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