Recruit candidates who fit your organisational culture

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A recruitment website is website that’s fully geared towards recruiting new employees and acts as a central point for all recruitment activities. Its main objective is to maximise findability of your vacancies. But this kind of website has many more benefits!

A nicely designed recruitment website that’s well put together from a technical, functionality, visual and information perspective gives your candidates a glance behind the scenes. Add images, copy, videos and employee testimonials to show candidates how great it is to work for your organisation.

Improve your employer brand with a recruitment website

The role of a recruitment website

The goal of a recruitment website is not to generate as many candidates as possible, but to recruit quality candidates. With regard for sustainable employment and the fact that the employer invests heavily in its staff, the emphasis is on finding a useful match between the employer’s DNA and the target group.

Strong employer image

Share the unique story behind your organisation and show how you differentiate yourselves from the competition. A recruitment website isn’t about the customer; it focuses entirely on the potential candidate’s experience. Include a clear call-to-action to spur people on to apply.

Optimal findability

A recruitment website is developed in such as way that it scores high in organic search results on Google and other search engines. All pages are SEO optimised and can be fully monitored using Google Analytics. This gives you direct insight into visitor behaviour from and to your recruitment website.

Full integration

The recruitment website has its own URL and can be linked to HROffice Recruitment. This allows for vacancies on the website to be uploaded and for applications to be easily processed. Save all candidates in a recruitment system, so that your entire recruitment & selection process can be managed from a single dashboard.

Essential components of a successful recruitment website

Candidates don’t only look for new jobs; they want an employer that’s the right fit, too. A recruitment website enables candidates to research your organisation and be sure that they are a match for its culture before applying. Use this platform for storytelling, testimonials, USPs and transparency and improve not only the quantity of applicants, but also the quality.


Place the vacancy/vacancies under the spotlight.


Share your organisation’s unique story.


Make the website user-friendly by putting the candidate first.


Make a clear distinction between the recruitment website and the corporate website.


Provide a mobile-friendly website and application process.


Create sensation through use of images and videos.


Target the website towards the right target group using a ‘candidate persona’.


Strike a good balance between search engine and user-friendly copy.

A recruitment website with Adver-Online


A clear and straightforward website that positions you as a strong employer.


Design and content are fully coherent and give candidates the right impression.


A simple search functionality so candidates can search for jobs.


Suitable for all devices: mobile, tablet and desktop.


An easy way to apply and upload relevant documents, such as a CV or cover letter.


Entirely customised with the desired functionalities and in your own look and feel.

Wondering what a recruitment website can do for your company?

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