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Advertise on the channels your target group uses with social media recruitment.

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What does social media recruitment involve?

Social media recruitment involves posting your job ads on the platforms talent uses on average two hours every day: social media. Social media occupies a significant proportion of our lives, taking up a lot of our time. This makes social media ideal for attracting the most successful candidates. The potential advertising reach platforms such as Facebook and Instagram offer is huge. The perfect opportunity for reaching the candidate you have in mind!

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Why do I want a social media recruitment campaign? een social media recruitment campagne?

Did you know that 31% of people in the Netherlands search for jobs on social media? Facebook and Instagram are the most frequently used. By posting your job vacancies on social media, you are reaching not only active job seekers, but also those candidates who aren't necessarily looking for a job right now but who might be triggered by your ad. That's a huge pool of talent!

What does recruiting via social media look like?

Firstly, we at Adver-Online create a stand-out advertisement for you, directed at an audience that's right for your business. With the right tone-of-voice and a message that will resonate with your target group, we supply a convincing ad with a clear call-to-action. Because social media has access to large volumes of user data, we are able to narrow down the advertising of your vacancy to the right candidates by displaying it on their Facebook timelines, for example. Age, location, language, education, profession / role / employer and behaviour / interests can all be considered. Naturally, we keep a close eye on the results and adapt the campaign where required to optimise it. So you don't need to worry about anything.

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Which social media will the recruitment campaign run on?

There are a number of social media channels that are suitable for marketing jobs. In order to determine which social media channel is the best for your vacancies, we like to perform target group analysis. Including numerous channels in your recruitment campaign is also an option, of course. We figure out what works best for your business. We use a content calendar to ensure your job ads are continuously visible.

Facebook is without doubt the largest social network with 9.6 million current users in the Netherlands and 1.65 billion worldwide. Due to the fact that Facebook collects both personal and demographic data on its users, Facebook advertising offers the most extensive options in terms of targeting.

With 500 million Tweets per day, over 240 million active users worldwide and 2.6 million registered users in the Netherlands, Twitter is a heavy-traffic social media platform. Besides targeting on demographics, language and interests, it is also possible to reach your target group based on accounts followed and profiles.

Instagram advertising was made available in the Netherlands in 2015. Worldwide, Instagram has 400 million users; in the Netherlands, 1.8 million. There are three advertising options on Instagram. Namely, photo-, carrousel- or film advertisements. In addition, Instagram offers the possibility of targeting based on age, gender and location.

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