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Social media recruitment is an accessible way to alert your target group to your vacancy. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have access to a lot of data, making targeted advertising a possibility. Social media not only increases engagement, it also strengthens brand awareness.

Give your vacancy extra exposure with a social media recruitment campaign. By advertising on social media, you’ll be addressing latent jobseekers as well as active ones. 31% of people in the Netherlands turn specifically to social media to search for job opportunities. Of the active job seekers, over 50% use social media to find jobs. Facebook and Instagram are the social media channels most used to find a job.

Examples social media recruitment advertisements

A social media recruitment campaign; what is it?

Social media recruitment literally means posting your advertisement on social media. The advantage of advertising on social media is that your ad appears directly on your target group’s timeline on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Advertisements can be tailored exactly to the following targeting categories:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Language / education
  • Profession / role / employer
  • Behaviour / interests

What are the benefits of social media advertising?

Rather than send a generic message to multiple target groups, social media advertising is about reaching one specific target group, at the right time, with the right message and the right tone of voice. Other benefits include:

  • Hyper-relevance through targeted advertising
  • Wide geographical reach
  • Lower costs
  • All results are measurable
  • Engagement with candidates

Social media recruitment in partnership with Wonderkind

The partnership in place between Adver-Online and Wonderkind makes automated vacancy advertising on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – as well as advertising within Google – all possible as part of a total solution. Wonderkind is a fully automated vacancy marketing platform that helps companies and recruitment organisations execute the perfect recruitment campaign. Wonderkind cleverly employs artificial intelligence to reach the right talent, by advertising on the online media that talent uses on a daily basis. The texts, images, segmentation, channels and placement timing for each ad are selected entirely independently and intelligently by the technology, based on the vacancy itself. Purchasing and optimising the advertisements in real-time, this technology affords organisations the possibility of launching a recruitment campaign at the click of a mouse, leading precisely the right candidates to a vacancy through hyper-targeted advertisements.

How is your social media recruitment budget set?

Before a social media campaign is launched, the media budget is set. The budget is protected through applying a maximum daily budget. This budget is based on CPC or CPM. With CPC (cost per click), you pay each time a person from the target group clicks on your advertisement. CPM stands for cost per mille, whereby you pay for every thousand impressions.

Recruiting via social media: how it works

Deciding which social media channel is the most effective for your vacancy will transpire from a target group analysis. Of course, you can also use a combination of social media channels for your social media recruitment strategy. The strategy can then be implemented using the following procedure:

  • Launch a visual advertisement with a clear call-to-action.
  • Have the advertisement shared by people who exercise influence over your target group.
  • Offer continued transparency with a content calendar.
  • Analyse the results and optimise.

Facebook advertising

With 9.6 million users currently in the Netherlands and no less than 1.65 billion worldwide, Facebook is without doubt the largest social media network. Because Facebook gathers both personal and demographic information on its users, advertising on Facebook offers the most extensive opportunities in terms of targeting.

Instagram advertising

Advertising on Instagram became possible in the Netherlands in October 2015. Instagram already has 400 million users worldwide, and 1.8 million in the Netherlands. There are three advertising possibilities on Instagram: photo, carrousel or film advertisements. Instagram also allows for targeting based on age, gender and location.

Twitter advertising

With 500 million Tweets per day, over 240 million active users worldwide and 2.6 million registered users in the Netherlands, Twitter is a high-traffic social media platform. In addition to targeting via demography, language and interests, you can also reach your target group using account followings and profiles.

A social media recruitment campaign by Adver-Online


Excellent advice on writing clear and compelling advertising copy.


Posting on Adver-Online’s social media network (+200,000 followers/members).


Hyper-targeting: based on interests, behaviours, geographical and demographical data.


Top talent: reach active and latent job seekers.


Arrange, set-up, control and optimise: we take it all off your hands.


Re-targeting based on historical data, regardless of location.


Fast dissemination among relevant followers on the social network.


A/B testing: Increase conversion through automated testing of different ad variations.

Wondering what social media recruitment can do for your vacancy?

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