A continuous and relevant applicant stream with a target group marketing campaign

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Has your company experienced rapid growth? Or are you constantly on the lookout for a specific target group? A target group marketing campaign will generate brand recognition among a group of candidates who match your desired profile.

A target group marketing campaign promotes your vacancies on an ongoing basis. We create a campaign that’s aligned to your target group and build the content calendar around the campaign planning. Media channels are continually optimised to ensure a relevant stream of candidates.

Target audience marketing: reach candidates for multiple vacancies

How does target audience marketing work?

Before a target group campaign can be formulated, it is important to determine who your target group is and understand them. You can get there by asking questions like:

  • Who is the vacancy aimed at?
  • What is their online search behaviour?
  • Which channels does your target group have a presence on?
  • What is the age of your target group? What are their salary, ambitions and educational background?
  • What is important to this target group, what are their hobbies and which factors influence their behaviour?

This analysis provides a well-founded description of the target group, which will dictate how you approach your target group online.

Customer journey for target audience marketing

Target group marketing reaches candidates at the right stage of the candidate journey

Posting job vacancies on job boards is no longer enough; in any one target group, just 10% of people are actively looking for a job, while 75% are latent job seekers. Your talent may well be content in their current role, but still open to something else. In order to reach that 75%, recruiters and marketers are working together more and more. Joint recruitment marketing campaigns are being used to take advantage of all the available developments and possibilities and to prioritise the candidate journey.

Active job seekers appear sooner in this journey than latent job seekers. By being structurally visible with a tone-of-voice that’s tailored to each step of the journey, you’ll recruit not only more, but better candidates.

Your job ad under the microscope

A strong job advertisement text is the foundation of successful recruitment. As well as convince people to apply, the copy also needs to be findable among the search engine results. Alongside publicising a vacancy through online media channels, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) plays a key role. You can improve the findability of your job ad with just a few modifications to the wording. Have you used a job title that the target group will actually search for? Which words do you want your vacancy to be found under? Does your job ad have a recruiting intro? To help you answer these questions, we offer advice on SEO texts, as well as tips & tricks on some other crucial elements.

Target audience marketing campaign for St. Antonius Ziekenhuis

Target audience marketing plan in practice

On 1 January 2016, the St. Antonius Ziekenhuis in Utrecht and Nieuwegein and the Zuwe Hofpoort Ziekenhuis in Woerden merged. This merger brought with it new possibilities, including an expansion of the specialist nursing pool; a task that’s easier said than done, as hospitals throughout the country experience a chronic shortage of this important workforce. This recruitment project needed a strategic approach.

Target audience marketing by Adver-Online


Get the right message to the right people, at the right time and via the right channel.


Help with complex recruitment matters.


Numerous quality candidates within each target group.


Vast experience with national and international clients in various sectors.


Arrangement, set-up, management and development: We take it all off your hands.


A compelling and SEO-friendly job ad for your strategic campaign.

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