Target group marketing

Instant exposure to the right candidates with target group marketing.

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Reach the right people

Did you know that 10% of job seekers are actively looking for a job, and that no less than 75% are passively looking? An effective target group marketing strategy enables you to reach both groups of job seekers faster and easier.

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Know thy target group

Do you know all there is to know about your target group? Adver-Online can help you map out the characteristics of your target group. This knowledge can be used to produce more targeted job ads and therefore, to work more effectively.

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Save time and costs

Save time and money by designing your recruitment campaign efficiently. By advertising on those channels geared towards your target group, you'll spend less and attract only the most suitable candidates for your vacancy.

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How can target group analysis benefit you?

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What is target group marketing?

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A combination of many elements

Knowledge of the right target group and insight into their wants and needs are an essential part of any marketing strategy. Utilising this knowledge and insight will enable you to reach the right candidates and engage and excite them with your company. Knowing your target group alone is not enough; you also need to be able to communicate with them via the appropriate means, in the right manner and at the right time. Target group marketing allows you to map out these needs and suitable communication means.

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How does target group marketing work? Let us explain!

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Know your target group

First of all, it is important to select the right target group and subsequently map that group out. Target group marketing tells you the best methods and most effective channels to use for reaching your target group. Is your company already implementing mobile recruitment or video recruitment for example?

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target group marketing SEO

SEO is the answer

Are you using the right channels to reach your target group? Adver-Online can help you find the right channels for your target group marketing strategy. Through impactful job ads that take into account Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), we make sure that your job ads are easy to find on search engines. Google recruitment makes it even easier for applicants to come across your company.

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Target group marketing recruitment

Enthuse the reader!

Alongside effectively promoting your job advertisements, it is also important that the copy itself is as engaging as possible. Catchy, dynamic copy written in line with the zeitgeist of the target group will encourage the right candidates to apply for a job with your company.

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The right person in the right role. Isn't that what everyone dreams of? Those who are happy in their jobs perform better, enjoy their work more and are more productive.ELISA DE BOER, TALENT ACQUISITION SPECIALIST, MS MODE

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Are you reaching the right target group?

Adver-Online can help you find and reach the right candidates!