Video recruitment for short, sharp vacancy advertising

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Want to add more feeling to your job advertisement? Then video recruitment is a tool that catches an audience’s attention. Job advertisement texts include details on company culture, core values and career opportunities. But there is a way of imparting some emotion onto these texts, with an online video job ad! These videos give candidates an instant feel for your organisation.

Increase the reach of your vacancy with an online video and get it in front of both active and latent job seekers. This solution offers the opportunity to generate more awareness of your vacancy, and does so in-keeping with the look and feel of your company.

Improved online findability

Video job ads offer better findability on Google then text or image-based advertisements.

Stronger employer branding

Offers candidates a visual of your business, the working environment and the role. Visual imagery helps potential candidates remember you better.

More social interaction

Videos are far more readily shared and liked on social media than text is. Their use therefore increases your ad’s audience.

What is video recruitment?

There are two branches to video recruitment: candidate recruitment through video interviews, and the use of video job ads to replace written texts. A video ad is simply a short, sharp, clear visual representation of the content of your vacancy so as to give applicants a general feel of your organisation. Marketers have been taking advantage of the possibilities of onine videos for a long time now. In a recruitment context, however, video is still a relatively new tool. Stand out with an innovative, professional and unique video advertisement. Do away with those long job advertisements, full of technical terminology and non-descript conditions of employment! After all, a picture speaks a thousand words.

Increase the reach of your vacancy with online video job ads

Video spurs talent into action and draws their attention to your message. In just a few minutes, you get to explain what your company stands for and what the role entails, but also what makes working for your organisation so great. You can communicate all of this with tone of voice and feeling. You can also highlight a number of different roles within the organisation.

What are the benefits of video recruitment?

A video job ad gives you better candidates, as applications are far more considered. The following are also reasons why video job ads are a must!

  • Higher CTR (click trough rate) with video
  • 60% of all online data is video; 2018 prediction is 84%
  • 60% of people prefer video over text
  • 50% of all mobile traffic is video

Video recruitment by Adver-Online


We will write a script based on your job ad text for your approval, which will then be voiced-over onto your video ad.


A tailor-made video job ad in your corporate ID colours, font and other graphic elements.


Creation and production of creative concepts. We’ll also give you advice on how to optimally disseminate your video among your target group in order to achieve the desired conversion and outcome.

Wondering what video recruitment can do for you?

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