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A creative way to put your company on the map: video recruitment.

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What is video recruitment?

Video recruitment puts your company firmly on the map using video job ads or company videos. It is an ideal means for promoting your vacancies and showing applicants what your firm has to offer them. Video can be used to support written job ads or as an alternative to them. Either way, a video job ad will get you noticed!

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Video recruitment

Why is video recruitment advantageous?

Were you aware that 60% of people prefer video over text? And that 50% of all mobile traffic is video content? Video recruitment makes your job ad appealing to candidates. It provides an ideal opportunity for people to get a real feel for your company and the great environment it offers. Video recruitment represents a valuable addition to your employer branding strategy. It helps you attract the right applicants because it affords them a more accurate picture of your firm, which in turn allows them to take a more discerning approach to applying for jobs. Video recruitment is relatively new in the recruitment arena, which makes it an innovative way to put your company on the map and stay a step ahead of the competition in the quest for talent!

How does video recruitment work?

You provide us with a job advertisement and we write a script. We send the script to you for approval, then we arrange for a suitable voice-over for the video. Of course, we make sure that the video is in-keeping with your company. We customise your video job ad entirely - from your corporate colours and font to other identifiable graphic elements. We'll also give you advice on how to disperse your video ad among your target group, as well as monitoring the results of the video once it's been launched.

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How can video recruitment benefit you?

Video job ads offer greater online findability on Google compared to text or visual advertisements.

A video job ad compels the viewer to click through and learn more about your company.

Offers candidates a peak behind the scenes at your company, the working environment and the role. Video imagery is readily retained, so potential candidates remember you better.

Videos get more shares and likes on social media than text. This increases the reach of your job ad.

Curious what video recruitment can do for your business?

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