Increase online visibility of vacancies with a job marketing campaign

Job marketing works for vacancies that really need to get noticed. Target the marketing of your vacancy with a job marketing campaign for guaranteed reach to potential candidates. An optimal media mix will draw the attention of both active and latent job seekers.

Coherence is king in job marketing campaigns. Success is only guaranteed when the different recruitment channels are well aligned and enhance one another, whether it’s a landing page, job boards or a campaign via Google or Social media. The channels, message, timing and target group: everything needs to be just right.

What is job marketing?

Whilst employer branding is pre-eminently a solution for the longer term, job marketing works to fill vacancies fast and effectively. The objective behind job marketing is to find a suitable candidate for a specific role, thereby significantly reducing your time-to-hire and hugely increasing the quality-of-hire. We want better quality candidates and lower costs!

Customer journey for job marketing

Job marketing bereikt kandidaten in de juiste fase van de candidate journey

De vacature enkel plaatsen op jobboards volstaat tegenwoordig niet meer. Van iedere doelgroep is namelijk slechts 10% actief op zoek naar een baan, terwijl 75% latent werkzoekende is. Uw talent kan op dit moment nog heel tevreden zijn met een huidige baan, maar wel open staan voor iets nieuws. Om ook die 75% aan te spreken werken recruiters en marketeers steeds vaker samen. Gezamenlijk worden recruitment marketing campagnes opgezet om alle ontwikkelingen en mogelijkheden te benutten en de candidate journey centraal te stellen.

Actief werkzoekenden bevinden zich eerder in deze journey dan latent werkzoekenden. Door structureel zichtbaar te zijn met een tone-of-voice afgestemd op iedere stap in de journey, werft u niet alleen meer maar ook betere kandidaten.

Your vacancy text under the microscope

A strong job advertisement text is the foundation of successful recruitment. As well as convince people to apply, the copy also needs to be findable among the search engine results. Alongside publicising a vacancy through online media channels, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) plays a key role. You can improve the findability of your job ad with just a few modifications to the wording. Have you used a job title that the target group will actually search for? Which words do you want your vacancy to be found under? Does your job ad have a recruiting intro? To help you answer these questions, we offer advice on SEO texts, as well as tips & tricks on some other crucial elements.

Job marketing campaign for ETZ

A job marketing campaign in practice

For roles that are difficult to fill, ETZ is glad to ask for help from Adver-Online. The knowledge of their own expertise centre combined with data and knowledge from Adver-Online results in successful recruitment campaigns. These campaigns have reduced ETZ’s need to involve recruitment and selection agencies to fill vacancies to practically zero. This not only saves money, but also enables them to do a lot themselves.

Job marketing campaign by Adver-Online

Get the right message to the right people, at the right time and via the right channel.
Access to a network with innovative recruitment tools.
Vast experience with national and international clients in various sectors.

A compelling and SEO-friendly job ad for your strategic campaign.


Arrangement, set-up, management and development: We take it all off your hands.

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