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What are job boards?

Job boards are a platform designed for posting job advertisements. Historically, employers would publish their ads in newspapers and magazines. Nowadays, most job openings are posted on online job boards. They are very popular among work seekers and there are dozens of job sites around. But how do you know which is the best fit for your company? Adver-Online can help you find your ideal job board.

What are job boards

Which job board is right for my company?

The hunt for your ideal job board can lead to no longer seeing the wood from the trees. We get it. It may be that a combination of channels offers the best solution. To help you on your way, here is a brief outline of the five main types of job boards.

Job boards that publish various kinds of roles from a diversity of sectors. These channels lead you primarily to the active job seekers within a desired target group.

Websites that focus on a specific sector and that also offer technical content alongside job ads. Latent job seekers as well as active ones will visit these niche channels.

Websites offering informative content targeted towards a specific audience. These websites are effective for content marketing.

Websites featuring vacancies within a given region, enabling you to target candidates based in your area.

Websites that are free to use for creating additional reach.

What can Adver-Online do for you?

Adver-Online can help you select the best job boards. Together, we will consider the target group you should address and where this group begins their job search. Finding the right colleague starts with choosing the right job board!
In addition, Adver-Online can help you post and maintain the job ads you place on the job boards.

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